A biography of jan karski a hero

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Jan Karski's Life

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He was measured a Catholic and bad one through his life. It was not for the Materials to kill Jews, because they did it. Drama Goldman directed the play in both Australia and New Senegal. Jan Karski (24 June – 13 July ) was a Polish World War II resistance-movement soldier, and later a professor at Georgetown University.

In –43 Karski reported to the Polish Government-in-Exile and to Poland's Western Allies about the situation in German-occupied Poland, especially about Germany's destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto and about Germany's extermination camps on.

Jan Karski's Biography

If you know nothing about Jan Karski -- who in was awarded a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama for his mission to the West for the Polish resistance during World War II -- there is no better place to start than this gripping biography.

Regarded as a hero in both Poland and Israel, his was a heroism not of triumphs but of extraordinary integrity and courage.” Born Jan Kozielewski in in Łódź, Poland, Karski was the youngest of eight children in a Roman Catholic family.

His father was a leather merchant. Jan Karski was a Polish World War II resistance movement fighter and later a university professor. He was born April 24,in Lodz, Poland. Jan Karski, (Jan Kozielewski), Polish-born Resistance hero (born April 24,Lodz, Pol.—died July 13,Washington, D.C.), as a member of the Polish Resistance during World War II, endured considerable hardship to infiltrate the Warsaw Ghetto and Nazi concentration camps and report back to Allied leaders on the persecution of Polish Jews.

Few believed his findings, however, and little. Jan Karski: A Hero of the Holocaust Karski on the Bridges public radio program: Hear Jan Karski discussing his wartime activities on Bridges with Larry Josephson, a syndicated American radio program.

A biography of jan karski a hero
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