A dilemma for rule consequentialism by jussi

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On What Matters: Volume I (The Berkeley Tanner Lectures)

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The Politics of High Goods The member to rule-consequentialism is that some attachment moral rules are necessarily, not merely direct, justified McNaughton and Rawling ; Gaut; Ken ; Suikkanen. In the last post, I asked, following Dave and Josh's lead, whether Hooker's notion of the costs of internalizing a moral code left him with a dilemma: either he is inconsistent about what costs are to be included in the calculation that determines the ideal moral code, or his Rule-Consequentialism.

Rule Consequentialism

A Dilemma for Rule-Consequentialism Jussi Suikkanen Received: 30 April /Revised: 23 July /Accepted: 7 August / [email protected] I will argue that, if we are committed to this test, we should not accept rule- This is because rule-consequentialism faces a dilemma when we pose a simple question about which.

The popularity of rule-consequentialism among philosophers has waxed and waned. Waned, mostly; at least lately. The idea that the morality that ought to claim allegiance is the ideal code of rules whose acceptance by everybody would bring about best consequences became the object of careful analysis.


consequentialism, e ort consequentialism, and rule-consequentialism.1 Rule-consequentialism is a form of indirect consequentialism, whereby our individual actions are judged in accordance with some ideal moral code of rules, where that code of.

Essay about A Dilemma for Rule-Consequentialism by Jussi Suikkanen Philosophia () – DOI 10 Because some set of Rossian duties can avoid similar problems, rule-consequentialism fails in the reflective equilibrium test advocated by the rule-consequentialists. Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan.

A dilemma for rule consequentialism by jussi
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