Business ethics and child labor

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Business Ethics

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Child labour in cocoa production

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Nov 11,  · A brief video showing the factual information on child labour. By Owen Jones. Child labour is always bad, but it’s not always wrong. And here’s why. Of all of the issues that fall under the very broad heading of “business ethics,” child labour is among those least likely to be seen as grey.

The business ethics of business owners directly affects the vulnerability of low-income laborers and their benefits.

Child Labor Law & Ethics

Business in a global era can only be sustainable if profit targets and developmental strategies are adjusted by the self-awareness of enterprises. These enterprises must respect business ethics to ensure a stable source of labor.

The Code of Conduct is based on International Labour Organization (ILO) standards, and seeks to protect the workers who manufacture the clothing, footwear, agricultural products and other items enjoyed by consumers around the world.

Child labour is always bad, but it's not always wrong.

Nestle Sued Over Child Labour

And here's why. Of all of the issues that fall under the very broad heading of "business ethics," child labour is among those least likely to be seen as grey. Most people agree, I think, that play, and learning, rather than labour, should be the.

Guidelines for the Prevention of Child Labour and Forced Labour

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Business ethics and child labor
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