Inscriptions on a stone throne

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David Inscription

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Israelite Kings in Assyrian Inscriptions

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15 Solid Facts About the Rosetta Stone

In the stele of Mesha (the "Moabite stone"), which was erected in Moab about twenty or thirty years after Omri's death, it is recorded that Omri oppressed Moab till Mesha delivered the land: "Omri, king of Israel, oppressed Moab many days.

The inscriptions on this stone recount the rebellion of King Mesha of Moab against King Jehoram of Israel and King Jehosaphat of Judah.

Mesha was the king of the Moabites who was forced to pay tribute to his neighbor, the Nation of Israel. Detail of stone inscription in Nepal Bhasa and Tibetan at Swayambhu. Stone inscriptions in the Kathmandu Valley refer to ancient stone slabs, pillars and pedestals with text carved on them.

They are the most important sources for the history of Nepal.

Inscriptions on a Stone Throne

Discovered by French soldiers during their occupation of Egypt on July 15,the Rosetta Stone is a most fortunate find. Weighing nearly one ton and covered in three columns of alternating. arulmigu parthasarathyswamy temple - stone inscriptions 1. of ,(Tamil) belonging to Danti Varman() On a stone built into the floor at the entrance into the Garbhagraha of the Parthasarathy swamy temple, a record in the twelfth year of the Pallava King danti Varma Maharaja.

A mysterious ancient inscription that has eluded scholars for over a century has finally been deciphered. The 3,year-old stone is etched in a forgotten language called Luwian, which fewer than.

Inscriptions on a stone throne
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