Merchandising assortment for kidswear brand

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Scruffy Bear

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Besides attracting customers, good merchandising can increase your traffic, increase your sales, and increase brand loyalty. That said, what is up for debate is the type of merchandising technique you use.

Retail Merchandising, Buying, Apparel, Merchandise Planning Job Description: Prefer to have an experience in the fashion buying division of a e-comm major or department store would 14,00, -. Multichannel Buyer Kidswear, COS.


Merchandising and Assortment Planning

London, United Kingdom. Level. Executive / Coordinator. Function. Buying. Posted. 19 October optimising both channels in line with the digital first and overall brand strategy.

- Responsible for the review of product and overall assortment for both channels, prior to purchasing decisions.

Wholesale Purchase

Core areas of expertise: Ecommerce, Digital marketing, Website user experience, Fulfilment strategies, International Franchise and Brand management, Category management,Assortment planning, Cross functional integration, Business Strategy and managing Brand Regional Head of Digital & E.

Cross merchandising is the retail practice of marketing or displaying products from different categories together, in order to generate additional revenue for the store, sometimes also known as add-on sales, incremental purchase or secondary product placement.

Its main objective is to link different products that complement each other or can.

Merchandising assortment for kidswear brand
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