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Papyrus of Ani

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The Papyrus of Ani

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Papyrus of Ani; Egyptian Book of the Dead [Budge]

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Media in category "Papyrus of Ani" The following 62 files are in this category, out of 62 total. The Papyrus of Ani was discovered in Thebes and purchased by Sir Wallis Budge for the British Museum, where it is currently housed.

This particular papyrus was chosen because it is possibly the finest example of the Theban recension of “The Book of the Dead” and consequently, has been studied in great detail, starting with Budge. The Papyrus of Ani, a text of The Egyptian Book of the Dead, was prepared for the priest Ani of Thebes (c.

BCE) and included among the grave goods of his tomb.

Ani papyrus

It includes a number of chapters from the Book of the Dead. Ani was not the only person in the papyrus with the Ras title. THE "RAS"/"EMPEROR" TITLE Source: Wikimedia Above we can see the way a "Ras" emperor was portrayed in ancient Gebts art, regardless of.

The Papyrus of Ani is a papyrus manuscript with cursive hieroglyphs and color illustrations created c. BCE, in the 19th dynasty of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt. Egyptians compiled an individualized book for certain people upon their death, called the Book of Going Forth by Day, Writing: Hieroglyphic.

The Papyrus of Ani (Egyptian Book of the Dead) translated by Neil Parker.

Papyrus of ani
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