Royal dsm n v technology enabling business transformation

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Royal Dsm N.V.: Information Technology Enabling Business Transformation Essay Sample

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Royal DSM N.V.: Information Technology Enabling Business Transformation Case Solution, Describe how Royal DSM NV, a $ 8, million worldwide information technology utilized to enable a major transformation of the portfolio of the company bet. DSM was established in by the Dutch government to mine coal reserves in the Southern Province of Limburg.

To this day we continue to use the English translation of the company's original name, the Nederlandse Staatsmijnen (Dutch State Mines), signifying both our heritage and how far we’ve come in just over a century.

Business Model: (e.g. owner-operator, technology licensor, fee-based industry supplier, investor) Current status: Avantium is the exclusive owner of its proprietary YXY technology to produce chemical building blocks for making green materials and fuels.

Organisation Supervisor’s Registration. 1. Organisational Information: You can only register as an organisation supervisor if your organisation name is in the registered list and.

Royal dsm n v technology enabling business transformation
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