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Taurus And Pisces Compatibility And Love Match

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Taurus Compatibility : What Is The Best Love Match For A Taurus?

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Taurus and Taurus Compatibility: Two Lovers Entwined

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Taurus, your perfect love match is someone loyal, logical, faithful and kind. It really is out of the question for a Taurus to start a relationship with someone they can't count on. Which zodiac sign is most compatible with Taurus?

Taurus Compatibility Taurus is an earth sign - steadfast, consistent, and practical. As such, Taurus natives are looking to build stability, make sensual connections, and enhance their overall sense of wellbeing in their intimate relationships.

The Best and Worst Lovers for Taurus

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Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. This is another astrology love match that tends to have a shorter shelf life when it occurs, as opposed to a longer one. Wild Cards Taurus: As is the case when it comes to many two-of-a-kind matches, two Taurus natives together can be both a blessing and a curse.

Summary of Taurus compatibility. The most compatible signs with Taurus are generally considered to be Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.

The least compatible signs with Taurus are generally considered to be Leo and Aquarius. Taurus and Scorpio represent the axis of life and death, love and sex, emotion and obsession. Together, these signs represent the conception of all life. If these partners find a fine balance, they will hold this incredible power of creation in their hands.

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